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Blaze Trails, Conquer Peaks In the wild terrain of brand evolution, the right guide isn’t just helpful; it’s pivotal. As you propel your brand into uncharted territories, you’re bound to encounter daunting challenges. Enter Cascadia – your sherpa in the world of brand mastery.

Our team isn’t just a group of experts; we’re trailblazers and peak conquerors. We don’t just navigate; we lead the charge at every twist and turn of your brand’s journey. And when it comes to execution, we’re not just seamless – we’re revolutionary. With Cascadia, you’re not just climbing the summit; you’re redefining it.

At the end of this thrilling expedition, take a moment to meet the masterminds behind it all. On this page, you’ll find the bios of our owners – the architects of Cascadia’s trailblazing ethos. Their stories are the cornerstone of our expertise and your assurance that with us, your brand’s journey is in the hands of pioneers.



BOB SIPPER has established and managed successful broker and distribution networks for emerging brands for over 20 years. He is a leading category authority on how to secure distribution, how to select and/or assemble the right distribution channels and networks, and how to prepare winning presentations to distributors and retailers.


Managing Partner

BILL SIPPER is a food and beverage industry leader who has guided numerous brands from concept to commercialization to category leadership. He held senior positions at leading brands including Evian, Nantucket Nectars, Fresh Samantha / Odwalla, Naked Juice and Clearly Canadian. Bill’s strategic expertise and executional focus helped those brands succeed and can help your brand succeed, too.



KRISTY DE LA VEGA manages operations for Cascadia and maintains key account relationships and back office operations for selected Cascadia clients. She ensures that client operations and logistics are robust and best practice-driven to foster efficient, productive retail relationships. In that context Kristy organizes and maintains secure portals that enable easy access to market data, client presentations, etc.


Creative director

ADRIAN CASTAÑO is an esteemed Design Industry Leader for Consumer Products and serves as the Creative Marketing Director for Cascadia Managing Brands, a renowned food and beverage brand management firm based in Ramsey, NJ. With a passion for aesthetics and an impeccable eye for detail, Adrian plays a pivotal role in shaping the visual identity of Cascadia and its diverse portfolio of brands.

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